FFL-IL Successes

FFL-IL has already been successful in protecting your business as an FFL dealer. In the past, dealers were able to rely on other groups to carry the water and prevent business killing bills like SB-1657 from passing. Unfortunately, that time has passed and it will take an all out effort to insure that this bill, and others like it, never reaches the Governor’s desk.

SB-1657 from the 2017 legislative session.

If this bill were to become law, it would require every FFL to:

  • Install security systems costing tens of thousands of dollars.
  • Unlimited rules and regulations by not only state agencies, but local units of government right down to the township.
  • Unlimited fees for an IL State dealers license.
  • Requirement of multiple state licenses for current FFLS.
  • Video recording requirements that infringe on individual privacy.

Illinois FFL’s working together were able to stay this bill in late 2017.

Don’t be complacent though, it will return along with many more anti-firearms, anti-business bills designed to over regulate Illinois firearms dealers and stifle our business. This is why we strongly encourage you to join FFL-IL today and stand on the front lines of defending your business and the Second Amendment.