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Federal Firearm Licensees of Illinois (FFL-IL) is an association of firearms dealers in Illinois. Born out of the relentless attacks against FFL holders by anti-gun forces and their attempts to limit the number of gun stores in Illinois and impede the lawful business by licensees.

In 2017 a group of dealers became involved in successfully putting Senate Bill 1657 into remission. This was the spark that inspired interested FFL holders to form FFL-IL to speak on behalf of ALL dealers to our legislators in Springfield, IL. While a less awful version passed in the next session, we were successful during rulemaking in negotiating away requirements that would be impossible to comply with, resulting in a Gun Dealer Licensing Act that while we’re not happy with it, won’t run FFL’s out of business.

Now we turn our sights and resources on the “Assault Weapon” ban of 2023.


Anti-gun groups want to blame the lawful “gun dealer” for the acts of criminals, gang members, and the deranged. They view US, the Licensed Firearms Dealer, as a co-conspirator to the criminal underworld, and they want to run us out of business.

FFL – IL is dedicated to battling this assault on FFL holders by providing accurate information, professional advisors in the Illinois legislature, and tools to mobilize against damaging bills. Our objective is to keep each member of FFL-IL informed and organized, as a collective whole, to work against destructive Illinois legislators and have our voices heard on all matters affecting the business operation of licensed dealers.

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