How To Join

FFL-IL is the only Firearms Dealers Trade association in Illinois. We are led by full-time FFL dealers that are vested in protecting FFL holders in this state.

FFL-IL has dedicated representation in our state capitol with our own lobbyist. With these resources we are able to successfully Interface with state agencies that affect the Firearms industry and using industry insight effect legislation that is important to your business. Additionally with our consistent presence in Springfield we can provide members timely updates on pending legislation and the tools and templates to fight damaging legislation.

Benefits of Membership (what’s in it for me?):

1As a member, you’ll know about all of the bills pending in Springfield that affect your customers, your license and your business. You’ll get our email updates on session and issues. You’ll be notified when issues are up in committee for hearings, votes and floor action.

2We will provide you with the talking points on those issues to help you communicate with your customers and spur them into action. You will also have access to our staff to help advise you on any local issues or those involving state agencies.

Membership Types

Founding Member

Support the Association that fights for you. Become a founding member and receive all the benefits of  FFL-IL membership as well as additional advertising opportunities and social media marketing. 

  • Legislative Updates
  • Brandable Marketing Materials
  • Advertising Opportunities

FFL Member

Support the FFL-Il Trade Association with a basic membership. FFL-IL is the only group on the ground in Springfield with Full Time representation fighting for Firearms Business in Illinois. As a part of this organization you will receive the following benefits.

  • Legislative Updates
  • Marketing Materials
  • Tools to effectively help IL firearm owners