Federal Firearms Licensees of Illinois
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Dec 14, 2022


FFL-IL Issues a letter to IL leaders in opposition to HB-5855

Members of the IL General Assembly have renewed discussions about banning large groups of firearms under the moniker of so called “assault weapons,” a term that was coined by gun control advocates, to deceptively depict semi-automatic firearms as machine guns.

The current proposals are no different. The Illinois Democratic Caucus seeks to unilaterally secure a statewide ban on assault weapons as defined in HB-5855 and all magazines over 10 rounds. See FFL-IL’s statement on this bill at their legislative blog HERE

Federal Firearms Licensees of Illinois (FFL-IL) is emphatically opposed to HB-5855 and the like. We are not asking for a seat at the table, as there is nothing to talk about. The legislature has made it clear no amount of red tape, regulation, obstruction, or infringement will abate the appetite to eviscerate the right to keep and bear arms in Illinois.

To be extremely clear, we are not here to negotiate. We will not be a party to any sacrifice, compromise or watered-down proposal offering to hold off the draconian proposals for another day for a pound of flesh today. See the full text of the FFL-IL letter to IL leaders HERE.

Despite Heller, McDonald, and the New York Rifle & Pistol Assn. vs Bruen decision issued this last summer the ILGA continues to strive to strip away Illinois firearms owners’ rights within the state.

The General Assembly needs to quit blaming gun owners and a heavily regulated industry for the acts of criminals and psychopaths. Those violent offenders, and the State Police in the cases of Highland Park and Aurora, bear the burden of what took place.

As clearly stated above, we are not interested in negotiations. We are prepared with our legal team to vigorously challenge any of these gun control schemes in federal court in defense of our rights.